Family in need of help after tragic accident

Moving from class to class everyday, one must consider life’s gifts. Perhaps our largest gifts from life are the simple things. Tragically the Pantley family of CVHS has lost one of those simple gifts.

Junior Kian Pantley’s father, Wayne Pantley was involved in an accident and has been paralyzed from the neck down. He has been hospitalized in the Memorial Medical Center in San Jose for some time now. According to hospital policy, Mr. Pantley will be relocated to the Pantley home if he does not show signs of getting better and placed within the living room to await improvement.

Pantley was away in Tahoe attending to work. During his stay on Jan. 16, he slipped and fell, creating a clean break within the neck. Fortunately neighbors were nearby to witness the accident and phoned emergency services immediately. As a result of the severe injury a medical air transport was called, costing $40,000.

Pantley will be returning home shortly, regardless of the fact that he still has regularly scheduled appointments. Due to the frequent trek, the Pantley family will need to procure a van to transport Pantley. Congruently, the home will have to be heavily renovated to adjust for the current immobility of Pantley.  

“House renovations such as a new shower that can access a wheelchair, a new toilet, and the ramps we have to build to replace stairs is around $15,000. None of it is covered by our insurance,” said Kian.

In his present condition the doctors can’t necessarily predict the outcome of his bodily functions.

“The future of his condition is up to his body. Doctors say we can’t know his fate until after a year. He may or may not gain full bodily function again. We just have to take baby steps,” said Kian.

The cumulative funds have reached the Scottish based company and their insurance apex. The Pantley’s are now into severe debt and will have to reach into Kian’s college fund to assist in the current bills. The most remarkable thing to note about this ordeal is that Kian and his family remain in good spirits. Kian has kept a strong, assiduous attitude.

“If I have learned any lessons in the last month, it is that life is unexpected, but it is a gift that we are lucky to have,” said Kian.

Through this multitude of tribulations Kian, Wayne, and his family have managed to keep a positive look on life. The family has faced so many difficulties, and will continue to face many more. On behalf of the Trojans, we send Wayne our condolences and a speedy recovery.

If you would like to help the Pantley family please visit their GoFundMe page here:

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