Kokyo Sushi Buffet a good option for dinner

Are you a quantity versus quality eater? Do you have a passion for sushi but don’t want to spend too much money? If both answers are yes, then Kokyo Sushi Buffet is the perfect place for you!

Located on the left of Century Theatres in Hayward and a few blocks away from the BART station, the buffet is easy to spot. Since it is on the second floor, an elevator is available.

At the cost of $14.95 for dinner, the food is very reasonably priced. Seniors over 60 are eligible to receive a discount of 15 percent off. In addition, customers who come on their birthday get a free meal at Kokyo if they bring along four or more friends.

Entering the buffet, the staff welcomes everyone warmly and quickly escorts to desired seats. Glancing inside, the interior is clean and well-organized. Window seats are also available, and they grant customers a fabulous second-story view.

The customer service is excellent.  Staff members are courteous in giving free refills and frequently picking up used plates, making sure the tables always look nice. In addition, staff workers constantly replenish food so it’s guaranteed that dishes are fresh. Despite how the buffet gets crowded sometimes, staff workers remain efficient and prompt, and customers do not wait long in line.

Kokyo offers a large selection of sushi rolls, Chinese food, cooked seafood, soups, and desserts. Known for its inexpensive sushi, the restaurant carries sashimi with a great variety of sushi rolls.

Like any Chinese restaurant, Kokyo also carries a selection of Chinese food including chow mein, wontons, and more. The size of oysters is impressively large compared to that at other restaurants.

The Kokyo buffet deserves four stars out of five stars for its service, cleanliness, and price.

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