Will Pinterest catch your interest?

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 7.35.15 AMPinterest is an online social website and smartphone app that allows you to post ideas and share them with the world. “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love,” the web site claims.

The app allows you to create your personalized “boards” that you can add photos too, and share with other Pinterest fans. Not only does it include do it yourself step-by-step instructions to any home project you can think of, but it also has options to connect a photo to a web site link so you can widen your searching ability even further.

Pinterest is my favorite app for many reasons, because the possibilities are endless. Just type in any keyword and you are given hundreds of ideas from food, to home projects, to drawing tutorials, to gift ideas. My personal favorite is using Pinterest for outfit ideas. Just type in an article of clothing you’re dying to wear (e.g. black jeans) and you are automatically given dozens of lists of different outfits with black jeans.

Compared next to Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is off the charts. The advantage of allowing members to make, share, and organize their ideas in one simple app is amazingly easy and fun.

The perfect way to save time in the morning. The perfect way to easily plan out the food for your next party. The perfect way to look for tips on redecorating your room. Pinterest is the best all around lifestyle app/web site there is.


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