New interpretive dance team

A new exciting team, comprised of students and teachers, has just been introduced at CVHS: the “Interpretive Dance Squad.” The team,more commonly known as The Squad, was started by administration in order to bring a more creative, open spirit to the CVHS campus. All arts teachers are required to join, and students are being recruited in most classes.

The new team already has a surprising number of members, and it seems that CVHS was in need of this new creative outlet. Practices have been going on since the beginning of February, and The Squad has already developed a few signature dance moves. While they do work on traditional lyrical dance moves, The Squad prefers more updated, modern moves to help them connect with the student body. These include the sprinkler, the cabbage patch, and the dougie. The Squad claims their absolute favorite is a new dance they learned called the “nay-nay.”

The uniforms are whole-body unitards, complete with green and gold stripes, and green and gold facepaint worn during most competitions.These costume choices are intended to boost school spirit, and connect the interpretive dance team with other sports teams.

The Squad is currently prepping for the the Interpretive Dance State Cup in Sacramento. This is a grueling competition between the best interpretive dance teams in the state. Luckily for CVHS, no other regional schools have interpretive dance teams, or squads for that matter, so CVHS automatically qualifies for the competition. The dancers are hoping to bring home the grand-supreme gold star, the highest honor available.

The Interpretive Dance Squad has been practicing hard, and the dancers really dedicate themselves to their craft. Unfortunately, some CVHS students are making fun of their dance moves and uniforms. Some members of the team has even considered quitting because of this. Fortunately, the administration has cracked down these bullies. Now, anyone caught mocking the Interpretive Dance Squad will be given an automatic Saturday School. For a second taunting offense, students have to join The Squad.

Like the cheerleaders and the dance team, The Squad will perform next year on the football field during half-time. The dancers are ecstatic to have the opportunity to share their talent with the entire school. They will also be putting on a four-hour long show towards the end of April, and tickets will only be $5. They are expecting a huge turn out.

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