Spanish project allows creative learning

AP classes are notorious for stress and a heavy workload. In AP Spanish, projects, ten-minute speeches, and essays were all motives in preparing us for the AP exam in May. Yet at the end of the year, there is a fun opportunity to creatively learn.

After the exam, there were a few weeks left before the end of the year. It was time for the final, the AP Spanish video project. The class made groups of five or six students and were assigned to film a video, entirely in Spanish. Common ideas were news broadcasts, cooking shows, or music videos.

My group did a talk show named “El Programma de Alejandra,” or “Alejandra’s Show,” where we had to create a script, act, and film. We needed to include specific topics covered in class, and a three to five minute commercial.

“The video project was really fun. I enjoyed working with partners trying to come up with creative ways to present different topics like beauty and environmental problems,” stated senior Marcello Guzman.

The project made a great end to a hectic year, and watching all our videos in class was hilarious.

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