AP Computer Science brings new opportunities

Students returning to CVHS next year will have the opportunity to take a new Advanced Placement course, AP Computer Science.

The class will give students an introduction to computer science, and will teach them to program in Java. It will be offered to all juniors and seniors who are interested, as long as they have passed Algebra 2.

AP Computer Science will be offered through the math department, but students enrolled in the course will be able receive elective credits.

The class was made possible by a grant from the Collegeboard and Google, which identified CVHS as a school with limited opportunities for students capable of AP level work.

Sean Fottrell, who will be teaching the class next year, explained the thought process behind the development of the class.

“Tech companies see a growing need for engineers, so they’re trying to reach out to groups who may not have thought about engineering in the past,” said Fottrell.

These groups, the target students for enrollment in the class, include females and students who have not previously enrolled in advanced classes, though all are welcome and encouraged to join.

“The goal is to get people who might not have thought about AP before interested,” said Fottrell. “A lot of people might not know it yet, but they will be interested in what they might learn. That’s what I’d like to see happen.”

Students can sign up for AP Computer Science when filling out their schedule forms for next year. Although the class will not be listed in the Program Planning Guide, students can request it by writing it in the space designated for elective, or they can meet with their counselors.

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