Senior Bio — SangEun Choi

At the end of her sophomore year, SangEun Choi had reluctantly signed up for Journalism at the very last minute and was lucky that Mr. Johanson had been kind enough to allow her into the class. It seemed that the only downside to being a part of the school newspaper was losing an hour of sleep and considering the fact that sleep was nonexistent in her life, it was all a-okay. After a year as a staff writer, SangEun became the Arts & Entertainment editor and quite enjoyed the past year of designing pages. She learned a lot within the two years, from grammar to how to properly shake someone’s hand. In her free time, SangEun likes to eat massive quantities of food, color-code her pens, and draw flowers. Next fall, she will attend UC Santa Barbara and spend her time building a house of daisies. She also hopes to receive her long overdue pizza from Tim Pak. Peace and Love, Sista!

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