Senior Bio — Anna Balassone

Ever since Anna Balassone read her first issue of The Olympian, she wanted to be on the paper.  Writing for publication had always been a dream of hers.  Finally, in junior year, Anna joined the newspaper staff as a staff writer.  From there, she became the A&E page editor and finally the editor-in-chief.  Some of Anna’s fondest high school memories have taken place at The Olympian, from writing controversial columns to hanging out in the back room to interviewing Rachel Maddow.  Anna would like to thank Mr. J for introducing her to the incredible world of journalism and for creating a positive, constructive learning environment.  She also has undying gratitude for her fellow editors, who had to put up with her blasting classic rock in the back room every morning at 7 a.m.  When she isn’t writing for the paper, Anna can be found drinking green tea, making snarky comments, and going on the occasional political rant.  In the fall, Anna will be heading off to UC Berkeley.  Go Bears!

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