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People who care are NOT awkward

  She’s so quiet, she must not have any friends. Look at him, he’s so awkward. Hey look, they are left alone with no one to talk to, well, it’s not my problem….


Accept it and learn to deal

  Get good grades. Pass every standardized test. Research a career. Pick challenging classes. Every choice you make in these four short years of your life will help determine the next few decades…


The military isn’t safe

In one year, at 18 years old, I will be considered old enough to join the U.S. Armed Forces. And I think that’s ridiculous. I look around at my classmates, our future soldiers,…

Parking Cartoon

Don’t tow! Students, administration should shift into neutral

Parking out of bounds has become a rising issue in the high school parking lots. In recent weeks, CVHS administration commenced sanctions, including stricter enforcement of parking policies on campus. Despite the reprimands,…


College Night informs students of educational opportunities

As the school year is coming to an end and the college application process is getting underway for most juniors, parents are trying to find ways to get their kids to go to…


21 Jump Street remake is “hysterical”

Recently, I was able to watch the movie remake of the original TV series 21 Jump Street, a popular show in the 80s. The TV series was about two police officers, played by Johnny Depp…

Learn to respect others

There have been many occasions during a lesson when many other students and I have had difficulty trying to do our work, or even think because of disruptions. As students, it is our…

For admissions, large colleges turn to external readers

Did you ever wonder how large colleges have time to go through all of the admissions applications they receive? The truth is that they don’t. Instead they hire people such as CVHS counselors…

High school not just for excelling in academics

The moment the clock struck 12 a.m. on Nov. 1, I knew that the worst month of the best year of high school had begun. For most seniors, November has been a dreaded…

The past four years

As college beckons in the upcoming months, students may begin to feel a mix of emotions, whether they are happy, excited, sad, or nervous. High school, a place where students are able to…

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