Athlete of the month: Matt Mascio

The CVHS baseball team made it to the NCS championship game last year, but just fell short of winning the whole thing. Although the team had a rough start this year, there’s one optimistic senior who believes that the team can go to, and win, the NCS game this year. That senior is pitcher Matt Mascio.

Mascio is one of the best players on the team, and has the credentials to prove it. Mascio won the national championship on the number one team in the country at age 13. Last year, he was NCS junior player of the year in northern California, and this year, he has an ERA of 1.40, 11 wins, and 97 strikeouts. Mascio is also an impressive hitter, as he has a .213 batting average and 11 RBI’s. Mascio is an all around good player and can thank his years of experience in the sport for the skills he has obtained.

Mascio got into baseball early on in life when he was about 5 years old, throwing and hitting baseballs with his dad. Mascio had lots of fun playing baseball growing up, and from very early on, he knew that he wanted to do it professionally. His aspirations became realistic at age 13, when he played on the number one team in the country. The team won the national championship, which boosted Mascio’s confidence.

“Having fun with them and traveling all over the country was definitely something that’s going to stick with me forever,” said Mascio about playing in the national championship.

Mascio will play baseball at UC Davis next year, and has a plan ahead of him.

“I’ll probably finish and get my degree there, although it’s possible that I get drafted in my third year there at Davis, but we’ll see where it goes from here,” he said optimistically.

It’s very clear the Matt has a lot of good things coming his way, and has full faith in his baseball team.

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