Athlete of the month: Lauren Francis

Flying through the water, striving to do her best: that’s why freshman Lauren Francis swims.

Francis has been swimming since she was four and currently swims for the CVHS swim team and Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, fondly known as PASTA.

One of her best times was during the 100-yard swim that she completed in one minute and one second.

“It was a really good thing because I was trying to do that for a long time…for about three months,” said Francis.

Francis enjoys swimming for the CVHS swim team because she is able to meet new people from every grade that she would otherwise never cross paths with.

She likes swimming for PASTA because she has many friends on the team who challenge her to keep pushing.

“They’re a really fast team,” Francis said.

In the future Francis hopes to swim in college and if she gets a chance, in the Olympics.

“If the Olympics come up and I’m good enough, then I’ll go for it, but if not, I’m not going to be devastated,” said Francis.

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