Athlete of the Month: Amanda Decker

Whether it’s at a tournament or just at practice, CVHS sophomore Amanda Decker has proven to be a great wrestler with good technique.

This is Decker’s fifth year playing the sport. In the sixth grade, Decker started wrestling because she aspired to be just like her brother. Unlike any other sport she’s played, Decker said she likes the overall environment and her teammates.

Decker’s best match was a few weeks ago in a tournament in Las Vegas, where she beat a girl who had placed at state.

“She doesn’t give up. She fights all the way to the end even if she is injured,” said coach Summer Scott.
Decker’s favorite part of the sport is the community of people who wrestle, and how wrestling keeps her in the great shape she’s in, which she uses as an advantage over others in matches. Even though the sport is time-consuming, it definitely pays off having supportive teammates by her side to cheer her on.

“The work hours are longer and harder than any other sport I’ve played and it pretty much takes up all your weekends with tournaments,” Decker says. Wrestling takes up her time all year round, but when Decker isn’t playing in tournaments or in practice, she likes to hang out with her friends.

Decker said that the sport is great and she recommends people to join the team.

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