Trojans win homecoming game

The Trojans varsity football team trounced the Arroyo Dons in a 41-14 victory at the homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 21.  Fans from throughout the entire Castro Valley community filled the stands in support of the team.

“The more people that are at the game, the more pressure there is,” explained Castro Valley quarterback Luke Huerta.  “But we came into the game confident, knowing we were going to win.”

The Trojans started on a good note, with junior Patrick Cheek scoring a touchdown less than a minute after the game had begun.

In the middle of the second quarter, the Dons scored a touchdown to the disappointment of the Castro Valley fans.  The upset didn’t last long, however, as the Trojans quickly rebounded with touchdowns from Cheek and junior Nick Lerschen by the time the second quarter had ended.

Not only was there an outstanding display of football, but the halftime show proved to be spectacular.  To begin the festivities, the CVHS dance and cheer teams along with the Canyon and Creekside middle school cheer teams entertained the crowd with an impressive performance.

Seeing the different local schools perform together was especially powerful.

“I think our collaboration is a really great unifying experience for Castro Valley,” said senior dance team member Kaitlin Abendroth.  “I hope that tradition continues.”

The cheer and dance team performance was followed by the presentation of homecoming court and royalty.  And as a grand finale, the CVHS marching band played while a dazzling display of fireworks lit up the sky above the stadium.

Once the third quarter got underway, Huerta threw a touchdown pass to Jon Marsh to bring the score to 28-8.  The Dons appeared to be coming back for the win when they next scored a touchdown, but the Trojans quickly retaliated with another touchdown from Cheek.

Finally, the Trojans finished off the fourth quarter with one last touchdown, leaving the final score as 41-14 in Castro Valley’s favor.

After every Trojan touchdown throughout the course of the game, junior Nick Lima was able to achieve flawless kicks to score the extra points.  It seemed that the announcer’s most common catchphrase was, “Nick Lima’s kick is good!”

Coach Nic McMaster considers Lima’s kicking abilities to be a useful asset to the team.  “He has been a great weapon the entire year because of his leg,” explained McMaster.

McMaster proceeded to commend the Trojan defense on an excellent game.  “Trevor Trammell, Austin Gayle, Brandon Gonzales, Forrest Ferguson, and David Valladares all did a very good job defensively as well,” said McMaster.  “They all contributed to stopping Arroyo’s run game and each played a big role in stopping the passing game of Arroyo as well.”

The Trojans made their fans proud in their win against Arroyo, creating the perfect ending to an exciting homecoming week.

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