Frederick Douglass still hasn’t thanked Mr. Trump for a compliment

When the president of the United States of America addresses you, it is clearly necessary to respond, especially when he gives you a compliment. You’d think this would be an obvious courtesy, but evidently no one made sure Frederick Douglass was aware of this social grace, because it has been months since President Trump complimented him, and still we hear nothing from him. Nothing!

The audacity of this man is incredible. To ignore such a high honor, to be complimented by the President, even if he is a racist and misogynist, is clearly such a high honor. He should be happy that he, a man of color, got such a good mention from such a racist man!

Frederick Douglass is known for being a great abolitionist, writer, and social reformer, and President Trump is clearly a fan.

“Frederick Douglass is an example of someone who’s done an amazing job getting recognized more and more, I notice,” said the president in a statement made on Feb. 1.

It truly boggles the mind that Douglass still, two months later, has not responded to such high praise, and really makes you think about what kind of manners this man has.

I guess nobody told Mr. Douglass that it is expected that you respond to the president when he compliments you, no matter where you are at the time. While some might argue that Mr. Douglass is a special case since he has been dead and buried since Feb. 20, 1895, I think they are being ridiculous.

Mr. Douglass needs to get his stuff together and use some manners, climb up out of that grave, and thank our president.

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