School doesn’t provide enough time to take care of our business

When the first bell rings, you can see crowds of ant-like figures walking towards the buildings vacating the courtyard. Some people take their time and while others try to push each other to get to class early.

Well I’m one of the people trying to push to get to class early. Time isn’t sufficient enough, at least for me, to get to class on time. Sometimes my bladder is going to burst and I need to go to the bathroom in between classes, but I also need to visit my locker to pick up the book for my next class. What should I do? I need to do both since one of my organs is under pressure and I need the book to follow up in class. I go to the bathroom as well as my locker and before I know it, the second bell rings telling me that I’m tardy.

Some people may say that it’s not a problem; six minutes is sufficient time to get to class since their classes are close to their locker and they rarely go to the bathroom. Despite this fact, I feel that six minutes is not enough for people to get to class on time since some people have lockers that are far from their classes and are even more unfortunate to have bladder problems as I do.

In addition to going to classes across the campus, there are crowds of people who usually take their time in the halls to chat with people they know. These factors tend to slow us down and eat up our six minutes to get to class on time.  Sometimes teachers let you out a minute or two late resulting in the difference in the time you have to get to the other class.  If you don’t want to pile up tardies, making sacrifices is needed in order to preserve your attendance record. For the people who believe they don’t have time to go to their lockers, they end up carrying all their books with them which results in future backaches.

The most reasonable solution to this mess and threat to our attendance records are to expand the time in between passing period. An additional food of thought would be how many more minutes should be added so that there is time for locker visits, bathrooms, and squeezing your way through the crowd. In my opinion, about three to four minutes should be added even if it means that it will extend the school day 30 minutes longer since I am used to staying at school late. Although the school day would be longer, I believe it will help reduce tardiness and improve attendance records.​


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