Senioritis: just a lazy excuse

I am a senior. I know that we’re approaching the beginning of the second semester of our last year of high school. I’m aware that we are going to start receiving our college acceptance letters soon. However, I don’t think these reasons give my classmates and myself any reason to slack off and use the excuse of “senioritis.” We are still in school, our grades still matter, and colleges can still turn us away even after we’ve graduated, so stop making excuses and do the work!

When you don’t do homework and choose not to study for tests and quizzes, your grades are in jeopardy. When your grades are in jeopardy, you increase the risk of failing a class, or passing with a D.

In the eyes of all of the non-community colleges, that is a fail; they can turn you away even after you’ve been accepted. Just because you’re lazy and feel the need to watch reality TV instead of doing the 20-minute homework your government teacher assigns, you can lose your acceptance to a college and to your future. Is it worth it? I highly doubt it is.Many students also choose to forgo the Advanced Placement (AP) and honors classes when selecting classes during junior year, in hope of an “easy” senior year. The only thing easier than your class load is the college’s decision to turn you away when they see you’re enrolled in four electives and two real classes.

Contrary to belief, colleges still look at what classes you are currently enrolled in, to see if you choose to challenge yourself or to slack off. They are more likely to accept students who challenge themselves, since it shows that the students have potential to push themselves, even when faced with the option of “senioritis.”

All in all, to the seniors this year, do your homework, study for your exams, and most of all, try to achieve a grade point average higher than a 2.0. To future seniors, choose your classes wisely. Although three AP classes are not advised, as that is a lot of work, at least a consideration of an AP or honors class is recommended. This will not only prepare you for the more rigorous classes in college, but will also show your dream college that you aren’t a lazy slacker who claims to have “senioritis.”

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