Ingratitude abounds among rude Castro Valley students

When one takes time out of his or her daily life to help another, it’s simply respectful to offer a “thank you” in some form. Helping pick up dropped items, holding the door open, lending an item–all of those acts are done out of one’s own time by putting others first. Yet rarely do teenagers appreciate those random acts of kindness.

The other day, I held the door to 700 hall for 11 people (yes, I counted) yet not a single person was grateful.

Sure, it was during passing period and perhaps those 11 people were hurrying to their classes, but is it really that difficult to say two words? Or even just one (“thanks”)?

I spent at least ten seconds of my life holding the door open yet not a single person could spend two seconds to utter a word or so of appreciation.

Other similar incidents always seem to happen to me during school time.

For one, whenever somebody near me drops his or her belongings, I help him or her pick the items up. I believe it is common courtesy. Yet for some reason, seldom does anybody show gratitude.

In fact, I’m given an inconsiderate glare as if I were stealing their possessions. Sorry, but why would I want your ugly chewed up yellow pencil?

I’m not trying to complain about how nobody appreciates things I do (maybe a little bit). I’m trying to prove a point about the lack of manners teenagers nowadays possess. It’s disgusting, really, because I personally can’t think of a way to fix it. We can’t throw half of the population of minors into a machine and expect them to return as polished youth.

Hopefully, people at CVHS will take the first step and at least offer some thanks for the efforts of others.

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