Unsafe amounts of lead in water found in fountains across CVUSD

Water from one of the drinking fountains in the 100 hall contains unsafe levels of lead, CVUSD announced on Aug. 30. The school has shut down the fountain.

CVUSD contracted with ACC Environmental Consultants in August to analyze the safety of the drinking water at Castro Valley schools.

Not only was the lead above recommended amounts in water at one CVHS fountain, but the district also reports that several other locations at other schools were recognized as contaminated.

The administration announced that bottled water will be distributed to staff and students upon request.

The district expects to receive replacement parts for the fountains at risk soon. A full assessment of the water at Castro Valley schools has yet to be completed, but the district shut off the water to the fountains that showed risk in preliminary results.

The recommended range of lead in drinking water is less than 15 parts per billion. Installing new fountains or components will not eliminate lead completely, but is expected to reduce the ratio of lead to water.

Water was analyzed at each site by taking random samples from fixtures. Other schools that have shown water with levels of lead over the recommended range include: Castro Valley Elementary, Chabot Elementary, Creekside Middle School, Jensen Ranch Elementary, Palomares Elementary, Stanton Elementary, Vannoy Elementary, and Redwood High School.

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