CVHS students participate in “Assassins” game

Hundreds of students at CVHS have recently become involved in a game of “Assassins,” spreading concern throughout the community. Although the game’s rules clearly mandate that students cannot “kill,” or get others out, during school hours, administrators and parents fear that the police will mistake their toy weapons for real ones when they’re out in public.

The objective of the game is to eliminate your given targets until you are the last one standing, thus earning you a cash prize. Players may kill targets by touching them with their – non-lethal – weapons.

The game is moderated by a group called the “Mafia,” who comes up with specific rules, assigns targets, and kills random players when no kills have been made. The Mafia has set up the rules so that players cannot bring guns on campus nor can they kill their targets at after-school activities, sports events, church, or in people’s houses unless they are invited in. Players pay an initiation fee of $5 and give their names and addresses.

“I think the game is very fun and is about as safe as it can get, but I do admit some people take the game too far,” said junior Ruben Cabrera, one of the Mafia bosses.

Parents have allegedly called the police on suspicious kids hanging around their neighborhoods, waiting for their targets to come outside. Some students are having a hard time leaving their houses to go to school due to other players lurking outside their homes. Others have even gone as far as riding atop moving cars.

The major concern with the game is the use of airsoft rifles and other play guns that may look like real ones. Although other possible weapon choices are pens, plastic knives, and forks, toy guns seem to be the most popular.

The rules may condemn bringing guns on campus or even within 250 feet the school, but there’s no stopping the players from roaming the streets with air soft rifles, and there’s no telling if the police will stop long enough to notice the difference.

“It’s stupid the cops are on us – it’s just a game. If they see an orange tip on a gun, they should know,” said one player.

Recently the game has changed from having one seven-day round to having several rounds lasting seven days. Players must kill their targets within that time period or they will be killed by the Mafia. Once a player has killed a target, he or she must contact the Mafia immediately after for a new target.

“I think this game should continue to be played for years to come. Not only is it fun but it’s also a great way for us all to truly enjoy ourselves,” Cabrera said.

According to Assistant Principal Matt Steinecke, the game is not school-sanctioned. However, if the game continues, he strongly advises against using airsoft guns.

“If someone’s walking around with a rifle, the cops will draw their weapons,” he said.

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