Cafeteria food portions change

There have been several changes to the lunch menu at CVHS and how the food will be sold. Some students are so upset about the changes that they’ve collected hundreds of signatures on a petition.

One new development is the enforcement of portion sizes.

“The portion amount is very important. There are only so many ounces of protein and bread that we are provided with to give to the kids. We make sure to always follow government guidelines,” said cafeteria manager Janet Roselius.

A large variety of food is usually sold all over campus. The cafeteria will still serve the same things as before, but the way things are sized is different.

“We have a few more items we can sell now, but the size we serve them is different. Some of the items got smaller while others got larger. It all depends on what we have for the day,” said Roselius.

Students will also need to have money in their account, since sometimes the food stands will not be taking cash.

“I think the new changes are a bad idea because you can’t use cash when trying to get food and a lot of kids carry cash on them. Also, I liked the old food sold at 500 hall like the grilled cheese. Now the food just looks nasty,” said sophomore Mattea Hartman.

Students at school signed a petition against the food being served because they feel like we shouldn’t have to eat it and it’s not worth what we are paying for it.

“The petition is in response to the recent enforcement of the Healthy Hunger-Free Act, which will basically limit how much food can be consumed during a meal at school….Since this act was enforced by our new director of Nutrients and Foods, our food portions have become smaller, while still regulating the previous price of three dollars….so the purpose of the petition is to ensure  a larger food portion…a larger range of foods and snacks to be picked from….more nutritious foods, and better quality of the foods served,” said petition leader Chris Phongsa, a sophomore.

The petition ended May 23rd, with over 600 signatures

Roselius sympathizes with the students’ frustration.

“I’m okay with you guys making your voices heard. I don’t have a problem with it at all. In regards to the petition, I don’t agree or disagree but, I do understand. Some of things the petition is about, I don’t have any control over. Overall, I think it’s a great idea,” said Roselius.

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