Team America sweeps annual CVHS Dodgeball Tournament

Photo by Matt Talajkowski
Photo by Matt Talajkowski

After many hard fought games, the annual dodgeball tournament which ran from Feb. 10 to Feb. 14 came to a close. A total of 18 teams competed in this year including such favorites as team #NickDang and the teacher team, the Nick Whitaker Experience, all determined to find glory in a simple game of dodgeball.

“We’re definitely going to beat them,” said hopeful senior Brian Periquet about his team’s game against Nick Wai Boys. The squad unfortunately lost its game only having gotten a total of two players on the other team out.

The decorum of this year was fantastic as well, with the team Super Seniors having its members sport underpants with the emblem of super heroes like Flash and Superman, and the dinosaur hats of the Dino Dodgers.

The teachers once again found a loss in their first round game against White Lightning. After a total of six years of competing you’d expect them to be able to win at least one game, but that theory has proven wrong.

“We would be able to win, but there’s one problem,” said teacher David Roth-Rossi. “You can’t have six of me on a team. I’m only one guy; I can only do so much you know.”

Hopefully the school can invest in some sort of cloning device to get the teachers to their first victory in next year’s dodgeball tournament.

The tournament also showed a few upsets. Last year’s favorite #NickDang lost against the girls varsity soccer team or Turf Team 3.0, which then went on to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

In the end, Team America took home the championship against Lightning Strikes Twice, showing exquisite play throughout the tournament against teams like Untouchables and The Dodge Fathers. In particular, senior Michael Trevizo of Team America shined in the championship matches.

The first match was a sweep by Team America. As morale for Lightning Strikes Twice was low after a hard first match, the second game was a complete turnaround. The team ended up bringing Team America down to one player Michael Trevizo, with five on the side of Lightning Strikes Twice. Trevizo then got out all five of the last players of Lightning Strikes Twice in three throws that found their marks, and it was over.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the dodgeball tournament, especially to Team America. All of the games were well played and best of luck to you all in the following years.

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