CVHS alarmed by fire in 700 building

Photo by Kelly Chan
Photo by Kelly Chan

A blaring fire alarm went off signaling a fire in the 700 hall building on Thursday, Jan. 16.

Students were settling into their seventh period classes to begin reviewing for finals when the alarm went off.

Some people were confused initially, questioning whether it was a drill as they began evacuating first to the senior parking lot and then to the gym. But in fact, someone had lit a trash can on fire in the lower boys bathroom in the math wing of the 700 hall. Students walking down the staircase near the bathroom could smell the smoke as they evacuated.

Students like senior Monica Johal expressed annoyance.

“The situation happened at a really bad time,” said Johal. “It gave our class less time to review for the final and I think we could use all the time we could get.”

“It was the first time I have been in a real life evacuation at school,” said senior Elli Negrin. “We have practiced fire and earthquake drills so many times that it felt like a drill.”

Both the fire department and a few staff members arrived quickly to put the flames out. Around 3 p.m., students and staff were allowed to safely return to their classes after the fire department cleared the building and staff placed fans inside the hallways to flush out the smell of the smoke.

“I think the student that did it should be suspended because it was so inappropriate and dangerous. Someone could have gotten hurt,” said Negrin.

The school administration is investigating the fire.

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