Stadium security sports changes

CVHS recently made some changes about the policy regarding locking the stadium during after school sports practices.  A guard has been posted at the gate to stand watch during practices and to open and close the gate for athletes entering and exiting the stadium.  This policy has many people confused and annoyed.

“If someone wants to get in, they’ll get in, regardless of the fence.  I understand the concern but it is really just a pointless waste of money,” said Castro Valley resident Rosa Lopez. Some student athletes seem to also view this new rule as dumb.

“It’s just annoying.  As a distance runner I don’t want to come back from a run and be locked out from my stuff and water, waiting for someone to unlock the gate for me,” said junior and cross country runner Carter Mackey.  While other students agreed as well, some understood the reasons why.

“It’s a bit of a hassle but it’s understandable. They’re just trying to keep us safe,” said Caitlyn Ruiz, another junior cross country runner.

Assistant Principal Matt Steinecke stands by the decision, noting some of his reasons for this recent crackdown.

“Nothing has happened yet, true, but the point is that we would like to keep it that way,” said Steinecke.  While many understand the concern, they are just confused on why it is being enforced right now.

According to Steinecke, locking the stadium has always been the school policy, but now that CVHS recently go the funding for the guard, it is happening in full swing.  The guard stands by the gate and unlocks it for athletes and coaches going to and from practices and workouts.

Steinecke and other school administrators hope that these added precautions provide a safer environment for athletes and students. They are aware of the inconvenience it has on parents, but essentially are more concerned for student safety.

But some community members and students still do not agree.

“If I want to watch the football players practice, I should be able to!” said CVHS junior Emily Patton.


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