The Pledge of Silence

Photo by Callie Ross-Smith
Photo by Callie Rose-Smith

Does anyone remember last year when we did the pledge of allegiance every Monday morning?  Most people would agree that it was definitely present.

However this year, this timeless, well-known verse has been completely absent from the school announcements.

Sophomore Chloe Little believed that this may be for the best. “The pledge to be a nation under God is monotonous and repetitive,” she said. “It’s been drilled in our minds for years, and nobody feels any real connection to it, mainly because we were taught to say it on cue, not to understand it or relate to it.”

However, freshman Peyton Fore has a different belief.

“We should honor what our founding fathers set for us in this country,” said Fore.

Leadership advisor Nicholas Whitaker said the students mainly choose what goes in the announcements and the pledge just got left out this year. However, if a student thought that the pledge should be included in the announcements, then they would have no troubles adding it back in.

Though every school in California is required by law to show some sort of patriotic gesture to America, a memorized pledge that not many people truly understand is not always the best way to show just that, said history teacher John Green.

“Educators at the very least can all agree that they want students to think for themselves, and the pledge seems to undermine students for success,” said Green.

Green suggested that students should participate in civil acts and be willing to take risks and be assertive for a cause they believe in.

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