How to pass your driver’s test with flying colors

Taking your test to get your driver’s license is very nerve-racking. It is the only thing separating you from the open road. To help you pass your behind-the-wheel test, here are a few tips.

“Get the most recent driver education manual and read it front to back. It really does help,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Daniel Jacowitz.

When making your appointment for the test, try to set it for the non-commute hours. Most driving instructors suggest, a few weeks before your actual test, to go out to the location of your driving test with an adult and have a practice test to get familiar with the roads.

According to Rob from, when the big day comes and it’s time to take the test, arrive at your appointment early to check in. When you finally get onto the road, do not panic! Most people who fail do so because they get nervous and make trivial errors. Be aware of yourself and the other vehicles, listen to the directions, and keep calm.

Although the test seems intimidating, there are still Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) employees who make mistakes when giving the tests. Camilo Riveros went to take the written test two years ago. After the normal procedure and fees he began his test.

“I took it but I didn’t know what was on it,” said Riveros.

The first time he missed 11 problems but was allowed a retake, on which he missed nine problems. When grading the test the second time the test administrator realized she had given him the wrong test. She had given Riveros the truck permit test.

Realizing her own mistake, she gave him the option to retake the test another time, but at that point he did not want to take another test. Getting a driver’s license can be extremely stressful so always be prepared for everything.

“Some people pass the test but still don’t know things,” said Jacowitz.

Take into consideration everything that you have learned and need to learn when getting your driver’s license because being a good driver is a skill you need for the rest of your life.


  • Read the drivers manual front to back
  • Practice the driving test with an adult before actual test
  • Be able to locate devices in your test-taking car
  • Make sure the car is in good condition (drivers window can roll down, brake lights and horn work, etc)
  • Always look before changing lanes
  • Make a full and complete stop before all pedestrian crosswalks
  • Do your best

Driving Schools

Bay Area Driving School: (510) 886-1016
Drivers education in classroom- $135   Drivers education online-$75
Driver training – $330 with classroom drivers education
$360 with online drivers education
$390 normal 6 hours
Mission Driving School: (510) 795-7777
Special Package – Online driver education + 6 hour driving training = $270
DMV: Online driver education – $29.95

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