“Penis Inspection” flyers flood CVHS campus

“Mandatory Penis Inspections” reads the flyer that littered classrooms and boys bathrooms on Jan. 4.

“The district is required to conduct mandatory penis inspections on all male Castro Valley High School students in accordance with California Health code 19,” according to the posting.

The flyer continues to tell all seniors that those who do not pass the inspection before the end of the year will not graduate.

The administration became aware of the prank when history teacher Jason Marlis alerted Assistant Principal Lorrie Barrera that a senior boy posing as a leadership student posted a flyer in his classroom. Custodians and campus patrollers also alerted administration as they discovered flyers in the bathrooms.

The administration has identified at least one student involved, Barrera said. But according to a junior boy who claimed to be involved, at least 14 other students took part in the prank but have not been caught. The students call themselves “The Loop,” the junior said.

The senior boy caught will receive community service, Barrera said.

“Others had to clean up his mess, so he should clean up in return,” said Barrera.

The boy didn’t feel a punishment was necessary.

“Mrs. Barrera thought it was funny and clever. She didn’t want to suspend me, but she said it could have been sexual harassment and I have to do community service,” the senior said of his consequences for the prank.

Coming up with the prank was not completely the senior’s idea.

“It wasn’t my original idea, but I thought it was funny,” said the senior. “I did it because it was funny, no other reason really.”

The flyer was made by pulling a graphic off of the CVUSD website and the rest was simply typed on Microsoft Word, the senior said. The end result was a very official looking flyer.

“It’s high school. People should be mature enough to take a joke,” the senior said.

One thought on ““Penis Inspection” flyers flood CVHS campus

  • February 28, 2012 at 7:01 am

    However comical, the idea is in no way original, and was poorly executed.

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