Clubs without minutes risk suspension

CVHS clubs are being suspended for not turning in their meeting minutes.

The meeting minutes are important because they help track money, ensure clubs are authentic, and make sure that clubs are doing what they are supposed to do.

Not turning in the meeting minutes goes against ASB rules, which the clubs are bound to follow.

“If a club says they are meeting, we want to make sure they are meeting,” said Leadership teacher Nicholas Whitaker.

At the beginning of the year there are around 56-57 clubs that claimed existence, yet throughout the year the student council discovered that only about half of those clubs are actually functioning.

Clubs that are in danger of being suspended are generally the clubs that do not have a secretary or a vice president, since those positions have the job of recording the minutes. It is then the job of the club president to turn in the meeting minutes at the regular club president meetings.

At first, about nine to ten clubs were being suspended monthly. After resolving a few minor problems with some club presidents, the number has decreased to six to seven clubs.

“The funding of CVHS is regulated by the state government and part of the money comes from extracurricular activities, which include clubs,” said Jessica Anthony, CVHS club commissioner.

The student council does not want to discourage clubs; in fact, the suspensions are to help the clubs run more efficiently and to ensure that the clubs get the proper funding. The school wants to work with the clubs, not against them.

“In order to receive that money, we must have club minutes as proof on hand in Room 607 [the Leadership room],” said Anthony.

In the past, the meeting minutes have been loosely enforced. Since the clubs are student-run, the minutes have always been dependent on the current club commissioner. This year the club commissioner decided to crack down on the meeting minutes to ensure the money the clubs spent and received is valid.

The clubs which aren’t turning in their minutes will receive a warning. If they continue to not comply, then the club can expect a two-week suspension. The enforcement and punishment of the meetings is an ongoing process.

“I have decided to enforce the minutes policy not only to benefit extracurricular programs on campus, but also to display the excellence of our clubs to the state government,” said Anthony.

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