Homecoming court limited to verbal promotion

CVHS is no longer allowing those running for homecoming court to promote themselves through social media such as Facebook as of this year.

This rule officially applies to homecoming court candidates in an attempt to make elections fair for everyone.

“We’re depending on the candidates to follow the rules,” said Jane Hong, member of CVHS Leadership.

In previous years, there were many Facebook statuses and groups promoting a particular candidate.  For those that did not have a Facebook, it seemed unfair because they had no comparable way of promoting themselves.

“We wanted to make sure it is as fair as possible,” said Starla House, one of the Leadership students in charge of this new policy.

Without the help of Facebook, homecoming court candidates will have to promote themselves by other means.  This will cause more verbal communication between candidates and their fellow classmates.

This rule may “help them get out there more,” continued House.  “It gives people a better reason to vote for the candidates.”If anyone is caught promoting themselves through social media, they will face consequences.  For the first offense, the candidate will get a warning from Leadership.  Any more violations will result in a severe talk and possible disqualification from the election.

Students are encouraged to notify Leadership if they find anyone violating the rules.  The leadership students in charge of the policy will also be watching those running for court on Facebook to make sure they do not post statuses or create groups to promote themselves.

Students and candidates have much to say on this matter as it will affect the outcome of the elections.

“It’s harder to spread the word,” said sophomore Janessa Tsang, a candidate for the homecoming court elections.

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