Evans welcomed to CVHS

CVHS is always welcoming new additions, whether they be students or teachers. Berry Evans, the new graphic design and yearbook teacher, started in the second semester and has been continuing Michelle Carmon’s past work, while implementing his own experience into the class.

Evans has taught at Castlemont High School and Emery High School as a yearbook advisor. His passion lies in graphic design.

“It gives me a chance to be creative and solve design problems,” he said. “The yearbook gives me an opportunity to be involved in different school activities where I get a chance to meet different people.”

Starting in the middle of the year is not an easy transition and Evans has been doing the best he can to make it work.

“Students are going to compare you to the old teacher. I can not do anything about that besides be myself,” he said.

His passion for graphic design has changed the way some classes are run, but students still seem to be content.

Many new teachers come to CVHS and have to adapt to the new curriculum and lesson plans, and Evans is no exception. He has been making the most out of his situation and is open about his experience so far.

“Yearbook will never be easy. I work with great students and as long as we are prepared and organized, I’m never worried. I hold the students accountable for their assignments and the students that are in the yearbook class want to be here,” said Evans.

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