CVHS student to be on the big screen

CVHS senior Zach Cutler-Orrey was recently part of filming for an upcoming movie about Steve Jobs. Cutler-Orrey was an extra on the set, and was able to experience first hand what the movie production process was like.

“Although it was tedious and boring between takes, it was extremely rewarding because as an upcoming actor, I got my very first taste of being on the set of a feature film and that was huge for me,” said Culter-Orrey. “All day from morning until evening we shot scenes that ranged from us simply walking into the building to us applauding for Michael Fassbender (who plays Jobs).”

Cutler-Orrey is an aspiring star at CVHS, and wants to follow his acting passion after he graduates.

“I will continue training with the private film acting program that I currently study at, and after high school it will be me, my craft, my one-in-a-trillion girlfriend Danni Blaise, and more time to balance work and building up an acting career. To start, I will be shooting an indie film which I have a speaking role in,” said Cutler-Orrey.

Cutler-Orrey has starred in several CVHS productions. Last year he played the role of Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, and has been cast as the White Rabbit in the CVHS upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland, which opens May 1.

Cutler-Orrey described the filming experience as difficult, but worth the work.

“Dressed in my thick 1980s jacket and packed into the San Francisco Opera House with over a thousand others, it was very hot. But this is my passion and it was definitely well worth it!” he said.

Cutler-Orrey is following his dreams and is a rising star that belongs on the big screen.

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