Steven Hendee hits the jackpot in prestigious music teacher award

P1060114   The man who greets everyone with a boisterous “Hullo!” has 73 class favorites, his own YouTube talk show, and tells bad jokes. He teaches six different music classes at CVHS, and dedicates countless hours of time to his work. He is, perhaps, the most interesting music director on earth: Steven Hendee.

CVHS’ own instrumental music teacher has been selected to receive a prestigious national award. For the past three years, the music department has been blessed to have Hendee as the director of bands and orchestra. With 23 years of music teaching under his belt at numerous Bay Area schools, Hendee has certainly earned his selection into the John Philip Sousa Foundation Legion of Honor.

“I’m very excited to have been selected for this award. It’s very special to me,” commented Hendee.

The national award honors band directors who maintain school band programs of excellent quality for a period of at least 20 years and who have showed strong leadership in their professional organizations.

Ever since joining CVHS, Hendee has really improved the music program by adding new activities and events. He implemented the marching program, with a week-long summer band camp so that our school could have a marching band and field show.

This year, Hendee has also added an advanced band class called wind ensemble for students who wish to learn and perform music at a more challenging level.

“I think the CVHS band and orchestra are getting more exposure throughout the Bay Area,” he said.

Hendee has made quite an impact on students as well.

“He’s the most eccentric teacher I’ve ever had,” said sophomore Lindsey Guan.

“He has contributed so much to the music program and has furthered our growth in music,” said orchestra student Lotan Yeung.

“He’s my favorite,” said sophomore Natalie Blumberg.

To Hendee, his valued dedication is just another part of the job. “Volunteering my time and talents to the program’s greater good is something that is important to me and something I try to teach my students as well,” he said.

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