AP Farr becomes the new addition to CVHS administration

He is faced with a new school, new people, and new teachers, yet he is not a freshman: he is J.C. Farr, the newly appointed House 1 assistant principal (AP). Along with being the AP of students with last names beginning with A-G, his duties include attendance and working with the math department.

Jesse Woodward, the previous House 1 AP, is now the principal of Marshall Elementary School.

Farr was the former AP at Bancroft Middle School. However, the desire to work with high-school aged kids motivated him to work at CVHS.

“I am passionate about CVHS. I like the diversity, beliefs, and strong academic tradition of CVHS,” Farr says. “Even though I am just getting here, I am excited. I like the way things are going.”

Other staff members have been very supportive and helpful by answering his questions. He feels comfortable consulting with them when he faces certain issues and problems.

However, adjusting remains difficult. The size, from one thousand students to three thousand students, is a change that will take time to get used to. Another challenge is learning all the “nuances and intricacies of being a CVHS administrator,” Farr explains.

Before becoming a principal, Farr was a history teacher. Wanting to make a larger impact on the students, he decided to become an administrator. Utilizing the experience he gained from being a teacher, he has a valuable perspective that will allow him to better understand what would benefit students and their educational experience. His goal is to help all students be successful by looking at data and figuring out ways to help students who are struggling do well.

Although he taught history, it was not always his favorite subject. He liked all subjects, from math to English to science to physical education.

“I like the idea of school in general,” he says. “I like challenge.”

Not everyone at CVHS is a stranger to him. Farr had previously worked with Principal Mary Ann Valles at Bancroft Middle School in San Leandro.

According to Valles, Farr had pies thrown at him at one point as an incentive for students who improve their attendance.

Farr wants the students of CVHS to know that he is approachable and non-judgmental. He will listen, ask important questions, and provide advice to help students make good decisions.

Outside of school, Farr is a big sports fan. He likes all sports.  Farr enjoys attending games, watching games and playing fantasy sports. He supports the Raiders, the Giants, and the Chicago Bulls. He also enjoys watching Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and Law and Order.

His pet peeve is having one-sided conversations because he feels that it is not a true conversation if one person is doing all of the talking.

Farr’s childhood had a great influence on the person he is today, a “family-oriented” man. As the youngest of seven and the baby of the family, he learned the importance of being a good listener. However, being youngest isn’t always good: “I’m spoiled and have to have things my way,” Farr jokes.

Though Farr has years of experience working as a teacher and an administrator, he remains “young at heart.” He enjoys bubble gum ice cream, a clear sign of the presence of the inner child within.

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