Counselor Karena Doan embarks on trip to Nicaragua

Senior house counselor Karena Doan has a great opportunity to go to Managua, Nicaragua next year.

Her purpose is not only to learn from a different culture but to grow as a human being.

Doan, for the first time, is going to be in an immigrant’s shoes. This is going to give her a better understanding of what immigration is all about.

“I always wanted to go abroad, and to be fluent in Spanish,” Doan said.

“I know that my seniors are graduating and I thought it was the best time to go. I wanted to challenge myself and this opportunity felt like a great option to start from and see how far I can go.”

She will be volunteering at a high school in Nicaragua.

She feels like she is going to make a huge impact on the whole school because they have never had counselor before and they can all benefit from her help.

However, Doan with all her CVHS experiences is going to help students have a better future and show how important education is.

Also, she wants to help Nicaraguan students to immigrate here so they can be more successful.

Moreover, Doan will benefit CVHS when she comes back.

This high school is constantly working with immigrant students. A teacher or a counselor are not always going to understand the way an immigrant student might feel simply for the reason of never having been in their shoes, but when Doan returns, all that will change. Doan will be better able to help immigrant students

She is not only doing this trip for herself but for all of the students that came to the U.S.A. for the “American Dream.”

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