Alex Colbert wins AMC math competition

Alex Colbert solidified his place among the best mathematicians at CVHS by winning the American Math Competition (AMC) on Feb. 23. This is a great honor as the AMC is recognized nationally as a very reputable math competition.

While Colbert did win here at CVHS, the test was taken throughout the US and he unfortunately did not proceed to the next level. This achievement isn’t to be overlooked however, as it takes mathematical prowess to beat the smartest mathematicians here at a great academic school.
“The test starts out pretty simply, but as you move on the questions get progressively harder,” explained Colbert. The test was mainly focused on calculus and was taken by only a handful of students at our school.
Colbert isn’t 100 percent  sure about his college situation yet, but he is an aspiring doctor. If his performance at this high school, or math specifically, is any indicator of future success then Colbert is well on his way to achieving whatever goals he has set for himself.

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