Campo Di Bocce is delizioso

If you are looking for a good time with your friends and family, go to Campo Di Bocce. This Italian restaurant and bocce ball court is located in Livermore at 175 E. Vineyard Ave.

Although this is an Italian restaurant, they serve many other things, such as a wide variety of burgers including lamb, beef and fish.

Whether you want to play a fun game or simply enjoy a good meal and some entertainment, this is your place. As you eat, you can sit and watch the players in the courts. As with most games, the more experienced players will win.

If you want to play a game, you must reserve a court for whatever time you want. When you make your reservation, you can request an indoor or outdoor court. Typically, people will reserve a court for an hour.

When you get to your court, the staff members are very kind. If you ask for tips on how to roll your ball, they are willing to show you how to do so. When I explained that I was blind and needed tactile help, they were very willing to adapt to my needs. This is especially handy if you are a big winner!

The nice thing about the courts is that there is a five-inch wall around them, which is helpful because the ball must stay in your court rather than going into someone else’s. As a blind person, this makes the game fair.

The scoring device is also really interesting. It consists of sticks that slide along a cable. To make it easy for everyone, including blind people, there are notches for the different numbers on the scoreboard. Besides this, each team gets their own cable which means they only have to worry about where their stick is.

One of the best things is that there are tables surrounding the indoor courts. If you want to have drinks while you play, you can simply set your drink on the table next to the fence.

One of the other great amenities this place has to offer is a fireplace. There are many fireplaces indoors and outdoors where people can sit and watch the game while they eat.


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