“Wrecking Ball” destroys Miley Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus going in the right direction? Or is she a wreck? Cyrus recently put out a new music video called “Wrecking Ball” on YouTube earlier this August and although it went viral in almost 3 hours, was it for the right reasons?

The teen pop sensation Cyrus has been in the spotlight most of her life; beginning as the role as Hannah Montana back in 2006, then when she became a solo artist in 2009. Then, Cyrus sort of disappeared for a while. Fans begged for more, but what they got wasn’t exactly what they expected.

Cyrus has taken on a whole new look. She cut her hair, changed her outfits, and stuck out her tongue to show a side of Cyrus that we never could have guessed looking at the sweet Hannah Montana we remember.

Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” was practically the last straw for most of her fans. In the music video, she is portrayed explicitly swinging on a wrecking ball naked, singing and grinding on the chain. Cyrus also has scenes of her seductively licking a sledgehammer and laying in the rocky rubble with barely any clothes on. Cyrus has definitely gone too far.

Although negative or not, she got the publicity she was asking for. “Wrecking Ball” has over 170,000,000 views, with heads turning across the globe.

In 2006, almost half of American girls looked up to Cyrus as a role model. Girls ages three to 12 saw Hannah Montana as an idol, but this new image has spoiled everything for her.

Now, instead of anger or disgust, we feel bad for Miley Cyrus and her “awkward” phase. We hope maybe she will grow out of it, and see just how insane she is being. Then once she makes a fix, we can accept once again the Miley we grew up with.


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