Snowflake’s edible art is delicious

It’s Saturday night, and the place is buzzing, jam packed with people from wall to wall. A line inches its way out of the door. Families, couples, friends talk amongst themselves, either sitting at tables or standing in the doorway, waiting to be seated. Amongst this hectic craze, you can feel the anticipation of the customers waiting for their order to come out, and you wonder what on earth they could possibly waiting for.

When suddenly, a big bowl of Snowflake’s famous shaved ice is placed in front of you. A round bowl is filled with a towering mountain of green shaved ice, covered with fruit, red bean, mochi, popping boba, and drizzled with either condensed milk or whipped cream. Two or three spoons are delicately placed alongside the bowl, and everyone around you whips out their phones to take a picture and post it on Instagram, because this isn’t just a bowl of shaved ice; it’s a work of art.

Snowflake, located on Dublin Boulevard, is both a dinner and dessert cafe of great popularity. Though it’s a small and cramped space, Snowflake is definitely worth the wait to dive into one of their dinner plates or desserts that include sweet and savory crepes and shaved ice of different flavors. Skimming through their dinner menu, you can see they offer dishes that range from the ordinary House French Toast and Marinated Chicken Wings to the delectable Pork Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce Rice Clay Pot and Rock Cod Spaghetti, all for a price of less than $20.

However, Snowflake is known best for its fabulous desserts, especially shaved ice platters, or better known as “le snowflakes.” Some personal customer favorites include the Tropic Mango, a plate that comes with mango, litchi coco, yogurt, popping boba, mango sauce, and rainbow sprinkles. Another is the Milk Tea, composed of red bean, mini mochi, litch coco,  chocolate crispy pear, and condensed milk. And try the Pink Lady, a shaved ice dish with strawberry sauce, strawberries, litchi coco, passion fruit, popping boba, and rainbow sprinkles.

If you and your friends or family ever need a place to go to eat and spend time with one another, or even grace your Instagram feed with a gorgeous photo of a platter of food, Snowflake is the place to be.

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