Sonoma safari attracts visitors

Who doesn’t love an expedition through a scenic landscape, where animals confidently interact with visitors? That’s what Safari West is all about.

Safari West is a 400-acre private wildlife preserve located in Sonoma County, California. Its selection of wildlife is greatly influenced by animals native to Africa, including giraffes, rhinoceros, cheetahs, and numerous species of birds. Safari West takes part in an exchange program that promotes a healthy gene pool aquarium  within zoos and other establishments that preserve wildlife. Safari West is also home to species that are considered to be extinct in the wild.

The park manages to incorporate wildlife protection with overnight lodging and tours that are not only entertaining, but also educational. During the first part of the tour, which is on foot, the tour guide walks you through a section that holds smaller animals. The very first stop allows you to view foxes and a couple species of monkeys. These animals are not shy at all. They approach the visitors through their cage, and one of them even knew how to wave goodbye!

The second part of the walking tour includes going into a tremendous cage with more than 15 types of birds. As you walk through the cage, birds begin to follow you and give you friendly pecks on the leg. The tour guide explains how the majority of the birds are endangered, and that their protection is very important.

The next part of the tour is a bit more exciting. You are seated in an all terrain vehicle, and the expedition begins. The first stop has a lot of giraffes who cordially approach the vehicle and stick their purple tongues out. The next stops are full of excited animals like antelope, cattle, rhinos, zebras, and just about any animal you can imagine living in Africa. The guide constantly provides details on the care for each animal and the key factors that contribute to their endangerment.

Lodging requires a reservation made in advance due to the high demand for the experience to spend the night with the wildlife. A cabin with all the amenities of a hotel is located at the top of a hill, allowing the visitor to view all the wildlife without obstruction.

Safari West is a great experience for any animal lover, or anyone looking to learn about the current issues with animal preservation.

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