Overcoming Undertale: An Amazing Adventure

With high praises from many video game journalists, a ten out of ten rate from Imagine Games Network Entertainment (IGN), and a four and a half out of five review from Metacritic, it’s extremely necessary to discuss the best role-playing videogame of the year: Undertale.

Undertale is a role playing game (RPG) for Windows and Mac. You play as a fallen human child into a world of monsters in a banished land that keeps the monsters separated from the upper world with humans. In a typical video game with monsters and an intent to survive, you must kill the monsters. But in this game, you can defeat them nonviolently. Throughout Undertale, your journey requires determination.

The music in Undertale played a key role in switching up the emotions in the game. When I first started Undertale, I was really engaged because of the music. It took me back to the 8-bit classics, with the Nintendo Entertainment System Music (NESM) type of sound. Through the storytelling scenes and the transitions, the music was either peaceful or melancholic. The switch in tune showed me that the game was not just a monster killing kind of game. It was emotional and motivating. The songs played throughout the game often relates to one’s state of mind while playing. Although the songs created an environment of loneliness and despair, you somehow feel like you should hope for the better. The music will definitely make you feel determined, the iconic word that screams Undertale.

Through your adventures, there is a diversity of monsters (and one human) in the world of Undertale. Although most of the monsters are comedic, they are much more complex than they actually seem. Each character from Undertale is beautifully crafted in a way that creates an actual relationship to you, like a loving mother or a weird frenemy. They’re relatable, and they will treat you the way you choose to treat them (you have a choice to kill the main characters).

Overall, I give Undertale a five out of five stars for its amazing story, interesting characters, and beautiful music. Undertale not only goes against the odds of a typical RPG game, but also drives the player through with determination and heart. Undertale is a true masterpiece, and I highly recommend playing it.

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