New openings at the market

Driving by Chabot Elementary, you may drive past a group of new businesses in an old building. At 18911 Lake Chabot Rd., the new Lake Chabot Public Market has been renovated and held a series of soft-openings.

Going inside, you enter a massive building with a ton of central space with surrounding food stalls. The new openings include T4, Shumi Ramen, Milk & Cookie Bar, Mama Choś BBQ, and C&H Meat.

The building is very close to the housing around Lake Chabot, making it very convenient for many Castro Valley residents. Many go for food, some family time, a study hall, and hanging out with friends. The space is friendly and open. However, despite all the open room, there is limited seating.

C&H Meat was the first to be open, selling meat produce.

T4 is a new popular boba place that many people from kids to students to adults enjoy. The convenience of another local boba place has attracted many people to visit the market. You are able to customize your drink with the vast amount of teas, toppings, and different amounts of sweetness.

Shumi Ramen is a new place where people in Castro Valley can now get different types of ramen noodle soup.

Milk & Cookie Bar is a small stall the serves different types of ice cream. The staff is very nice, allowing for some free samples before getting a nice ice cream treat.

Mama Cho’s BBQ restaurant Brooklyn NY is the most recent addition to the market, serving fusion Korean food. This means a combination of American, Mexican, Korean foods in the menu.

All together, the market is a good place to spend time enjoying what the market has to offer. Parking is weird with a weird sloped road in front of the building. Seating is limited but do still go to try the variety of food and drinks.

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