“Deadpool” is anything but dead

Deadpool happens to be the most spectacular Marvel superhero movie so far, and one that many fans have been waiting for. The movie shows actor Ryan Reynolds play the role of Wade Wilson, a mercenary who spends his time at a bar with a betting pool with odds on which patron will die next (hence the name he adapts later in the movie, “Deadpool”).

As time passes, Wilson discovers he has cancer. Desperate and out of options, he encounters an organization that offers him a cure. However after the painful procedure he becomes horribly disfigured. Another effect of the procedure gives Wilson incredible regenerative healing powers and strength, thus making the infamous anti-hero we all know and love.

With Reynold’s constant energy and his ability to break down the fourth wall, this movie definitely deserves any praise that it receives. With that said however, it should be mentioned that a spinoff movie like this would understandably be different than most other X-Men movies you may have seen in the past. With Deadpool’s “colorful” language and the additional violent/explicit scenes throughout the film, this would definitely be a good film to see with a few of your buddies and not your parents. Even so, this great movie is a ton of fun and will keep any movie goer entertained the whole way through.

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