Forge your own destiny with “The Taken King”

The new Destiny expansion, The Taken King, players enter a different dimension as they fight Taken Hive, Cabal, and Fallen, all punished and controlled by the Taken king, Oryx. Orynx is seeking vengeance by trying to kill the guardian, you, for killing his son Crota. If you plan on playing the new Destiny 2 game and want some help leveling your character up, then I recommend checking out this destiny 2 carry website.

The Taken King expansion lets you unlock a countless amount of new quests, armor, weapons, and PvP arenas to fight against your friends. It increases the maximum level to 40 with an unlimited lever for light which is the overall strength of your guardian.

The grind to get better gear in the game is better and better due to the fact that there are weapons with higher attack power than before, so you can defend yourself against the Taken enemies. There is also a new feature which allows you to infuse your legendary weapon witInh another legendary weapon of the same class to make it stronger. There have also been small but clever changes in the game, like the new emotes you can buy so you can show off your dance moves to your friends and by purchasing one, it is rumored that it will help fund the next downloadable content pack so players who already own the new expansion won’t have to pay for it. You can also switch your ghost now so you don’t have to be stuck with the same old one you got in the very beginning when you had all the weak gear. Now you can have a ghost that also reflects your high level.

The greatest addition is the three all new subclasses. For the Titan class, you have a new Sunbreaker class which lets you unleash the power of the sun and unleash a powerful flaming hammer on your enemies to scorch them away. For the Hunter class, the new power is called the Nightstalker which lets you shoot an arrow to greatly impact damage on your opponents and enemies and it also attaches to everyone around the arrow and it disables their weapons along with slowing them down. The final new subclass is the Stormcaller for the Warlocks which is arguably the best new subclass due to the high damage and the long duration of the power compared to the other two, which was very needed for the Warlocks since they were considered to have the worst subclasses before the new expansion.

If you have Destiny and you haven’t purchased the expansion, you should go buy it now. It’s worth the price due to all the new content. It’s the same as buying a whole new game because of all the quests available and the new story missions with amazing cinematic shorts to help the story as you take down Oryx and his Taken army.



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