Travel to Mars with “The Martian”

The Martian, based off a book of the same name, came out recently and tells the story of the Ares III expedition crew to Mars which is forced to make an emergency take off when a storm occurs earlier than predicted. In the process, one of its crew members, Mark Watney, is hit by debris and the other crew members take off, presuming he is dead.

The next Sol, or mission day, Watney wakes up and here begins the story of how he perseveres to survive and make it home. The Martian is relatable to a young children’s movie, although it is not meant for young children with the coarse language, due to the fact that it has moral that it is constantly showcased and is also openly stated by Watney at multiple points during the film.

I enjoyed it immensely especially due to the fact that it portrayed human nature in times of need. For example, at one point Watney begins to curse at the president as he strives to survive.

All in all, The Martian is a comedy-filled movie meant for the entire family. I would not recommend it for children under 13 due to the mild language, otherwise it is fun for all ages.

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