MLB 14: The Real Deal



For the last year, I’ve been playing a baseball game for the PS4 called MLB 14: The Show. The game is excellent. It lets you play with your family, friends, and connect to compete against anyone, anywhere in the world and an even bigger plus is the amazing graphics that let you see every string of green grass and gravel on the baseball field.

The game, played by most MLB baseball players with a PS4, is pretty neat if you ask me. It allows you to play regular games against any MLB team or minor league team so when you and your friend want to recreate the Bay Bridge series, just grab two dualshock controllers and start playing. I’ve grown to love the game more and more this year as they have added new features that are amazing. For example, back in the older versions of MLB: The Show, the roster couldn’t be updated at the trade deadline or whenever there was a trade so when the best player in your team gets traded away and you don’t ever want to see them again, you get stuck with them because there weren’t any roster actualizations but now MLB 14: The Show has added that neat feature that lets you stay in touch with everything around the real baseball world for all the fanatics out there.

This game has accomplished some amazing features. Ever imagine yourself batting during game seven of the World Series with the bases loaded, the lights and cameras flashing on you at your home ballpark down by one run? With this game, you can! With all the adrenaline running through you then next thing you know….BAM! You hit a grand slam to win the World Series in dramatic fashion.

This amazing game lets you go inside baseball and analyze every single little thing like swing mechanics all the way down to running and throwing mechanics with the fluid and smooth motions made by the players in the game. Another neat thing about the game is that you can create yourself and play in the minor leagues and make your way up to the big show.

This amazingly detailed game lets you see every single aspect of the game of baseball, down from bunt rotations to guys hitting mammoth home runs. It lets you slow the game down and analyze everything you always wanted to do while you played the game but couldn’t. It makes you get the feeling that you are the one actually playing the baseball game and batting, not just some computer. Will the feelings you get playing this game be just like the real deal?

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