“Black Nativity” didn’t raise any spirits

Graphic by Leia Saelee“Black Nativity” is a heart-warming story of a broken family told through realistic acting and singsong.  Taking place in Harlem, New York, the movie teaches lessons about faith, family, and honesty.  It is a classic holiday story that’s great for families to go see together.

The movie had great actors in leading roles like Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, and Forest Whitaker.  The story has Hudson as mother Naima who raises her son, Langston, as a single mother.  Many scenes in the movie hint at the fact that the father was possibly a gang member, who left them.  Naima and Langston have a pretty good relationship and they get along fairly well.  Langston is a good kid who doesn’t get into any trouble.

When Naima and Langston are evicted, Naima sends Langston to spend Christmas with his grandparents, a preacher and his wife, while she packs up the house.  Naima has an estranged relationship with her parents, so Langston has never met them before and is very apprehensive at first.  They live in Harlem, New York and Langston has troubles adapting to the big city life at first.  He soon gives in to the loving family environment and changes his outlook on life.  In the end, Naima forgives her parents and they all become one big,happy family.

Going into the movie theater, I didn’t know it was a musical, so that was a nice surprise.  However, some storylines and songs were a little too cheesy for my taste.  I think if I had another chance to go see it, I wouldn’t; I would save my money and just wait until it played on television.  If you like corny musicals about predictable stories, though, this is the movie for you!

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