Bioshock: Infinite leaves fan swooning


As I stood there in the fountain, staring up at white-marbled statues of founding fathers in the incandescent glow, I took in the tranquil, hymnal sounds of a choir that was playing in the background: Will the circle be unbroken/By and by, by and by/In a better home awaiting/In the sky, in the sky?  I consider myself to be an agnostic, but at that moment, sitting in my chair with my eyes glued to the computer screen, I basically had a religious experience. For this was Bioshock: Infinite.

Released back in March, this first-person shooter video game is the third of the Bioshock series that takes place in a fictional city called Columbia High up in the clouds in the year of 1912. You are agent Booker DeWitt who has been sent to this city suspended in the air to find a young woman named Elizabeth who has been held captive there.

I’ve just started to peel away the layers of this detail-oriented game. This game has it all if your idea of fun consists of non-stop, sequential suspenseful shooting battles between you and attackers who want you dead. Oh, and not to mention Vigors, magical potions that give you special powers like summoning crows or fireballs.

The graphics of the game are stunningly consistent and the amazing soundtrack, including the barbershop quartet version of “God Only Knows” by Beach Boys, will leave you swooning. But it’s not just the action that makes it grand. It’s the story. The detail given to crafting BioShock: Infinite’s story is breathtaking.

I have never played any of the other Bioshock games but I immediately got hooked. I suggest anyone, regardless of their gender, to check out this new video game; it deserves all the praise it can receive.

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