Minecraft lets your imagination run wild

The first time I played the Xbox edition of Minecraft,I died many times. During the day I would happily roam about, occasionally glancing at my map, my only possession, to see where I was. I traveled through snow, desert, grasslands, mountains, and forests, all in one world. It was relatively tranquil until night came. The first time I encountered the numerous spiders, zombies, skeletons, and creepers that inhabit the land at night, I died within a matter of seconds, as I hadn’t made myself any kind of weapon or shelter that could save my 8-bit life. However, after many deaths and respawns, I finally figured out how to get rid of the monsters: I set the game to Peaceful mode, where no monsters come at night.

It was then that I was able to explore and build to my heart’s content without fear of losing the items I had made or mined from the caves. As soon as I felt in need of a challenge, I changed the mode to Easy or Normal. I was also able to play with my siblings on a four-way split-screen, which made the game even more enjoyable, as it added competition and companionship to the gaming experience.

Minecraft is a popular PC and Xbox 360 independent video game, also known as an indie game, that was released on May 17, 2009. It has been updated many times over the years, mostly installing new modes and improving the game to make it more enjoyable. The game was created by Markus Persson, better known by his gamer-tag “Notch,” but is now under control of lead developer Jens Bergensten. The game is most noticeably recognized by its old-fashioned 8-bit pixelated graphics, exploding creepers, and magnificent block creations.
Although Minecraft for Xbox 360 is several versions behind the PC Minecraft, the two editions are nearly identical. The graphics are the same and the same relaxing, unobtrusive music plays in both editions’ backgrounds. Different skin packs are available in both editions and new (undisclosed) features are soon to be added to Minecraft for Xbox. The Xbox 360 edition is cheaper than the PC edition but requires the gamer to have an Xbox Live account which gives the gamer the option of playing with his or her Xbox Live buddies.
In this game there is no shooting, no blood, and no plotline. This game is built for creation and the challenge of creating in the midst of monsters. If you are someone who finds Call of Duty enjoyable but not The Sims, I recommend you not buy this indie game. However, if you are someone who enjoys The Sims and Legos, I highly recommend you buy Minecraft. It is a game where your imagination can run wild and where the sky – and the bedrock – is the limit.

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