21 Jump Street remake is “hysterical”

Recently, I was able to watch the movie remake of the original TV series 21 Jump Street, a popular show in the 80s. The TV series was about two police officers, played by Johnny Depp and Dustin Nyugen, who go undercover and get sent to work in a specific headquarters called 21 Jump Street that specializes in teen cases dealing with drugs, sex and scandal. Since it was such a big hit in the late 80s, producers decided to make a movie to imitate the TV series, but with a twist.

The remake 21 Jump Street had kind of the same plot, but it was a little different. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill play the new cops in town. They take the place of Depp and Nyugen, and are forced to go to 21 Jump Street to work undercover at a high school to find out who is selling these new drugs found around school and who their supplier is.

The movie starts off with Tatum and Hill in high school before they became friends or even police officers. They didn’t like each other because they came from different social groups. But later Hill and Tatum both try out for the police academy, which helped them realize that they needed each other to get through the academy and later become friends.

Tatum and Hill go through many ins and outs trying to figure out who the dealer of the drugs are by throwing a party, trying the drugs, going to prom, and almost killing themselves. Tatum and Hill complement each other very well in this movie. Usually Tatum is the more romantic and sappy actor and Hill is the awkwardly funny one but this time the roles changed, which was nice to see.

This movie was hysterical and I could not stop laughing. I went to see the movie with my mom and some of the parts were awkward to sit through with a parent but, other than that, it was awesome and I had a great time watching it.

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