New owners of taqueria update taste

Every city needs a good  taqueria and I think Castro Valley finally has found one in Taqueria Los Portales.
Taqueria Los Portales is a  family owned taqueria. It’s located at 3153 Castro Valley Boulevard. It’s a new business that serves authentic Mexican cuisine.
At this restaurant they make you feel right at home with  great customer service and amazingly tasty food. At Taquaria Los Portales you are greeted by a friendly woman behind the counter who asks you how your day is going. When I asked her in reply she was sure to tell me, “I feel very blessed today.” I love customer service that puts a smile on your face. 

At Taqueria Los Portales they serve tacos, burritos and nachos with a large selection of different meats to choose from to top them or fill them with. While you are waiting for your order they offer complimentary chips with a homemade salsa bar with salsas ranging from mild to spicy.
I myself tried the super nachos. First off they were huge, with generous portions of meat, sour cream and guacamole. The cost was also  reasonable even from a teenager’s budget.  The super nachos with steak was $6.50. My mom and I will sometimes pop in and  share the nachos because it is so big. We will walk out spending less than $10.00 including drinks.

All in all I think this restaurant will become a Castro Valley favorite with its excellent customer service, economical prices and tasty food. If the highest rating for a restaurant was five stars I would give it six.


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