The Roommate leaves room for improvement

The Roommate is an aimed-to-be a thriller, but it definitely isn’t that. The plot seems interesting, but the story just doesn’t come through. The suspense is not suspenseful. Instead, it’s predictable. You should be leaning forward in your seat waiting to scream; instead, you’re able to predict exactly what is going to happen next in the movie.

The movie doesn’t follow through with its plot. Throughout the film, we are introduced to characters and we find out nothing about them. The movie introduces the roommate’s previous victim, but she only appears in a two-minute scene. There is no explanation, no flashbacks. The character development in the movie is terrible.

The acting in the movie is not exactly good either. The facial expressions of the actors are all wrong; they didn’t match what was happening in the movie. The only good actor was Leighton Meester, who plays the crazy roommate. She is the only one who portrays her character well. Minka Kelly, who plays Sarah, is just annoying. They should have picked a more skilled and experienced actress.

The Roommate is almost exactly like the 1992 thriller, Single White Female. The opening of the movie is extremely boring. The introduction of characters drags out and it is a good half hour into the movie before anything worth watching even happens. The movie also swings between highs and lows. One minute, there will be a bathroom fight and the next, absolutely nothing is happening. The movie is not worth the money, spare yourself, stay in, and watch Single White Female.

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